© Stephen Creaser: The Weardale Railway crossing Broadwood bridge at Frosterley

The Great Place campaign – your photo, your place

Thank you so much to the many who have contributed so far on Facebook to our #GreatPlace campaign for photos of the places that matter to you. As you can see from looking round, we have selected a variety of photographs for the website, taken from different areas and each offering another insight into why this area is special to each and every one of us.

It’s been hugely heartened to tickle the surface of the places that matter and the reasons they do. SO here is where you can look through these photos, see who took them and why.

For example, see Christine Peart’s stunning photo from her New Year’s day walk that she titled ‘What memories lie beneath’, showing the location that was once the village of Burnhope, flooded to form the reservoir.

Enjoy John Harbron stunning shots of Witton Park – he sent us the following poem inspired by the place:

There’s a house on a hill with lovely views

With smoke from the valley bringing the news.

Drifting from a Village with wide open spaces,

Lovely new houses taking their places.

Churches of ages plain to see

Streams turn to rivers on their way to the sea.

Trains passing over the bridges below,

Roads travel outwards with places to go.

Thoughts turn to friends, and family too

Someone to share the lovely view.

Gold in the autumn, green in the Spring

Not knowing in Summer, what Winter will bring.

Like birds in the sky we’re free to roam,

Warm in the thought it’s nice to come home!

Taken from the road from Toronto to High Grange, this is a view of Witton Park and my description of it!

Enjoy scrolling through and please don’t hesitate to share more photos – we will aim to refresh some of these as the project continues. Simply email info@northernheartlands.org or head to our Facebook page here and share your photo there.

Please don’t forget to add any words explaining why that place is important to you.

Many thanks all.

  • © Andrew Waldock: Within le Wear.

  • © Suzanne Kelsall

  • © Rich Needham: Cows in the mist at Hamsterley Forest.

  • © Paul Dobson: View Over Hamsterley.

  • © Paul Dobson: Double Rainbow over Bishop Auckland

  • © Kirstie Hutchinson: Toft Hill looking over to Ramshaw in the Gaunless Valley.

  • © JR Wilkinson: Whistling Cragg, between Eggleston and MIDDLETON - a beautiful sunset. Love this road - beautiful views of Teesdale

  • © John Hadron.

  • © Jill Cole.

  • © Carol Ermakova: I always feel doubly alive up here.

  • © Helen Frances: Olney - Elephant Trees, Frosterley

  • © John Hardron: Ground Control to Major Tom communications in Chilton.

  • © Rich Needham: Farmland above Hamsterley Forst.

  • © Emma Spry: Revelin Farm Newbiggin I love imagining what it must have been like farming here over the years...

  • © Christine Peart: What Memories Lie Beneath - the village of Burnhope was flooded to provide the reservoir.

  • © Christine Peart: Burnhope Reservoir Weardale.

  • © Charlie Scott-king: Grounds of Auckland Castle.

  • © Charlie Scott-king: Grounds of Auckland Castle with bowling green.

  • © Charlie Scott-King: Bishop Auckland.

  • © Caroline Colling: Selset reservoir spring reflections.

  • © Paul Dobson: Bishop Auckland.

  • © Anna Crosby Collins.

  • © Andrew Waldock: Etherley.

  • © Alyson Craig Tunstall: Reservoir, Wolsingham. Have enjoyed some great walks around here with the family and dog. I love it.