Three days of TRAPPED performances down the mine at Killhope

TRAPPED is a thrilling physical theatre and film work performed by the fast-rising  EXPERIENTIAL and Northern Heartlands were proud to support performances at Killhope Lead Mining Museum in June 2018.

The piece is inspired by events surrounding the monumental collapse of  the San Jose Mine, Chile in 2010. The world watched as 33 miners, trapped underground  for 69 terrifying days, were winched to safety. Incredibly, they all survived.

In confined underground spaces Experiential combined intense physical theatre, a potent atmosphere and clever lighting to create a world which is horrifying in its darkness but  which offered hope and light for the future.    A haunting soundscape and original live music add to the power of this experiential  journey. Music was performed live by singer/ songwriter Hayley Youell, who has written a song  about yearning specifically for this tour of TRAPPED.

Presented by Experiential, the physical theatre & film company renowned for  creating powerful and entertaining experiences.

Audience Quotes:

​Claustrophobic. I loved the use of different spaces. The ending was wonderful and I’m excited  to see what comes next”.

Very profound, emotional and intense. The range of emotions was brilliant:  despair/hysteria/frustration/togetherness and solidarity”.

The lighting, closeness, movement and sound made an extremely moving experience”.

Moving. Convincing portrayal of the trauma and feeling of Trapped. Wonderful hopeful  ending”.

I loved the brotherhood and the generosity they gave to each other. Gave me hope in  humanity”.

Unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Inspirational, thought provoking and topical – human  behaviour. I particularly liked being able to see the facial expressions of the performers.”