FREE Entry, Sunday, 16th February 2020, Witton Park Village Hall

The Town Meeting is a performance where you get the chance to experience what it feels like to be part of a community facing a life changing decision. Set in a fictional town you become a local resident and work together to save your town. You’re in charge of the story as you take big decisions to decide your own future. It gets you to think about our fast-changing political landscape and your place in it. The show brings people together and gives you a chance to speak and listen to different views and opinions.

People have said the show was, “brilliant – entertaining and interesting… didn’t want it to end!” “curious and adventurous” and “rage inducing!!”.

FREE places available.  Contact us on: to book your place.

ONE WEEK LATER….Sunday, 23rd February 2020, 2.00 pm to 4.15 pm at Witton Park Village Hall

The Town Meeting Workshop will follow on from “The Town Meeting” interactive performance. Consider the future of your own community through conversation and creative exercises.

Identify the spaces that are shared in your community – buildings, green spaces and more. Reflect on how and why these spaces are important for you and for others. Begin to think about what Stanhope might look like in the future.

Dr Paul Cowie, an expert in planning from Newcastle University, will share his expertise and help to show how your plans and ideas could fit into a planning system that is often seen as “top down” and not connected with what really matters.

Come and have your say on what’s right for Stanhope!

Run by theatre company Cap-a-Pie in collaboration with Dr Paul Cowie.

FREE places available.  Contact us on: to book your place.