Teesdale Special Flora – Job opportunity

Upper Teesdale is considered one of the top 5 ‘botanical hotspots’ in Britain and Ireland due to the unusually large number of rare plant species found here and the fact that plants with very different geographical distributions grow together here. 

Teesdale Special Flora was a Trust established in 2017 by Margaret Bradshaw. It has since become a registered company limited by guarantee (No. 12436150) and a registered charity (No. 118828) in 2020. 

The aims of the trust are: 

  • to promote, for the public benefit, the protection, conservation and improvement of the physical and natural environment and biodiversity
  • to advance the education of the public in the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment. 

In practice, this includes conducting botanical surveys and sharing the findings with land managers and agencies, supporting the Upper Teesdale Botany Group and encouraging interest through guided walks, lectures and exhibitions. 

The Volunteer & Engagement Officer is a new role that has been created for the ‘Plants on the Edge’ project with the purpose of connecting people with nature. If you are passionate about the botanical landscape of Teesdale and would like to help others engage with our rare plant species, take a look at the information pack below which contains more information about the role as well as details on how to apply.