Shildon in Motion

Shildon in Motion is a celebration of Shildon’s rich and significant heritage as the world’s first railway town, examining the innovative and extraordinary aspects of Shildon’s past and celebrating the ongoing creativity and ingenuity of Shildon’s people and its future.

The creative and collaborative programme allows designer, Nicola Golightly and creative director, Katy Milne (Greenfield Arts) to work with the community to explore a sense of place and pride in the town, acting as a driver for collective ambitions to be focused towards a common goal.  Follow Nicola and Katy’s blog here

Greenfield Arts are working with a wide range of organisational partners under the collective of the Bishop Line Community Rail Partnership including Locomotion, Shildon Station Adoption Group (New Shildon Residents Association), Friends of the National Railway Museum (North East Branch), Northern Rail and Shildon Town Council alongside Stockton and Darlington Railway, all of whom share the vision of creating something that transforms Shildon Station, publicly and visually signposting and showcasing Shildon as a destination of national significance.

Workshop activity is taking place in public spaces such as empty shops and Locomotion.  Work that is generated during the project will be shared publicly during the process, encouraging others to add and contribute.  Other activities will take place with both younger and older people to share insights and their own sense of place.