Benjamin Rennold awaits Little Rikjord’s representatives

In partnership with Startforth Neighbourhood Planning Group and theatre company, Cap-a-Pie

The Town Meeting is a play which explores the role of the community in relation to the planning process; audience members are invited to take the role of residents of a fictional town in jeopardy and experience first-hand some of the dilemmas face in making planning decisions.

The community in Startforth were about to embark on creating a Neighbourhood Plan and this was an exciting opportunity for residents to engage with the planning process and understand more about how communities can work together to great effect.

The Town Meeting was developed by Newcastle-based theatre company Cap-A-Pie in collaboration with Dr Paul Cowie, a researcher at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University. The piece is both a chance for the audience to play and an opportunity for them to help shape research.