Archive Your Views

In response to the far-reaching repercussions of COVID-19, artists Edward Cole and Lizzie Klotz created a short film archive made up of the thoughts, feelings and views of  individuals and groups based in south-west County Durham about the impact of the current situation.  They did this by asking one simple question – “what are your views?”

Ed and Lizzie did two things:

  1. engaged with participants to address the impact of time spent in lockdown and/or isolation working with them to express and creatively document their experience
  2. created a time capsule for future generations to be able to see first hand the unparalleled effects of the COVID-19 crisis in an insightful and educational way

In response to the question “what are your views?”, participants were encouraged to explore their physical view as well as their more personal reactions to the question thus gathering a wealth of material which is intimate, creative, artistically diverse and specific to the COVID-19 crisis.

Ed Cole
Lizzie Klotz

See the final film by Ed and Lizze here: Letters in Lockdown