Living Rooms

Living Rooms is an animation project inspired by the spaces we live in and the world just outside our windows.

Artist Sheryl Jenkins worked with participants to create an animated film through a series of online sessions which included animation skills development, film planning and editing, and creative tasks.

The participants (of all ages and abilities) were invited to submit drawings, stories, ideas, audio and video, and animated work which were combined to create a film that can be broadcast, shared online, exhibited as an installation and submitted for festival screenings.

Even if participants couldn’t join online, they were still able to take part.  Sheryl shared a creative brief with these participants explaining how they could still share material inspired by their current space –  such things included a comforting sound, a calming view or a family joke and also included the story behind the choice.

The artist: Sheryl JenkinsSee the video of all the participants’ animations here: Living Rooms