Speaker and Discussion event

Discussion Event, Monday 27th November, St Catherine’s Community Centre, Crook

This was the first of our ongoing series of speaker and discussion events, which we hope will not only engage our partners and the communities in which we work, but also decision-makers and thought-leaders across the North East.
The aim of these events is to examine:
– what we mean when we talk about culture, heritage and landscape;
– what we really care about when it comes to the places that we live;
– what change do we want to see, and how might this happen?

We asked questions around a series of themes, such as people and planning, placemaking, and what the countryside is for in creative and participative ways.

The session had two purposes:

To present the cultural landscape approach, which is at the heart of our project.
To get input into our work from the people who represent and understand the communities across the Northern Heartlands area.
We are committed to a community-led approach, and this gave our partners and contacts the chance to input into our strategy and planning.

Thank you to all who participated with such enthusiasm and helped to make the day so rich in ideas and creativity. Our thanks too to Jane Shaw for your excellent facilitation.

Feedback from participants included:

Positively provocative, thoughtfully structured event.

Excellent opportunity to network and find out about other projects in the county

Good, thought- provoking event. Plenty of energy evident and a good start for Northern Heartlands.