Hands That Can

Join Katharine in a fun, inclusive and inspiring time as together you explore, record and share the experience of being a new mum at this time.

Hands That Can is a creative writing and journaling workshop for new-ish mums. It’s a chance to catch those precious moments which so easily get lost in the everyday, to meet new people and to explore something different – just for yourself.  

 You don’t need to be an expert and you don’t need any special equipment. Bring just a pen and paper, or if you’d like to get creative with paint, card, playdough or whatever you have around, that’s great too. You will be meeting on Zoom to play with words and images, colours, lists, first lines, letters, blackout and found poetry, modern descriptions of motherhood and our own ideas. 

The Zoom sessions will be very relaxed about taking breaks and babies joining in, as they do! If you’d like to, there will be the chance to turn your work into postcards to celebrate your creativity 

Katharine Goda

How to take Part:

Email Katharine: hands_that_can@yahoo.com

Contact with Katharine on her Facebook page here: Hands That Can Facebook

Watch Katharine’s video here: Hands That Can