Every Lockdown Has a Silver Lining

Artist Hollie-ann Coleman collaborated with people of all ages, abilities and cultures within Weardale and beyond giving them the opportunity to come together to create a piece of online dance inspired by the impact and restrictions that lockdown has had on our lives.

Participants worked to a simple brief – “Every Lockdown has a Silver Lining.  What’s Yours?” – and through movement only, showed something that kept spirits up during lockdown and might even continue to do when lockdown eases.  It could be anything: gardening, yoga, painting, socially-distanced hugs, climbing the equivalent of Mt Everest on your staircase…

Hollie-ann guided those taking part through the process both artistically and tecnically helping them to use movement and dance inventively then creating a 10 second video of themselves.   Hollie-ann then choreographed a dance sequence using individual contributions for everyone to take part in and create the final piece.

See the final video here: Every Lockdown Has A Silver Lining

Artist: Hollie-ann Coleman