Moon-gazing hare symbolising growth, abundance and new beginnings.


On Sunday, 25th November 2018, Northern Heartlands with Jack Drum Arts, presented an enchanting procession that saw the streets of Crook transformed into a Winter Wonderland with dancers, performers, live music, lanterns, and large scale illuminated puppets. There was an estimated audience of 3500 enjoying the parade as it wound its way through the town.

Leading up to the parade, the local community were invited to participate in an extensive workshop programme themed around the culture and heritage of Crook.  Workshops included:

  • children and young people working with local and regional artists to create a dance routine and costumes and prop making
  • circus skills sessions in a local primary school
  • a four-week project with local artists in a local primary school to create and build a large scale puppet for the parade
  • brass and percussion workshops in a local secondary school
  • weekly sessions with learning disable daults making costumes and lanterns
  • weekly sessions with a youth theatre group making lanterns
  • opportunity for a young musician to lead two local percussion groups
  • three day-long open access workshops for families to create lanterns

In total, over 300 participants took part in workshops and 6 local artists were involved.

Here’s what one audience member had to say about the Winter Light Parade: “We just thought it was fantastic. 3 generations of us watched and thought it brought a whole positive feeling of community to our town. The attention to detail, the age range, the inclusion and of course, the spectacle. Well done to all. Amazing stuff.”

Enjoy the parade here: Crook Winter Light Parade