CIF Round Two – A Walk Through Time, Middleton Plus Development Trust

The project’s objectives were to  research, update and amalgamate information on local walks that has been produced in various printed formats over the years into a format that can be downloaded, printed, read online and on a mobile phone/smart device “app” and that will be easy to update when information changes without having to design a new leaflet. The updated format now provides more  than just information on walks but also things of interest and places to visit on all aspects of the area. The information on the area and leaflets and travel books over the decades will be researched and compared. From these leaflets (in PD Format) an app has been be produced for different walks. The project hopes to connect to different organisations, user groups and local people on what content they would like and to personalise it to local memories and people. A supporting exhibition of the historical source material and the area is planned.  Check out the Northern Heartlands team enjoying one of the walks with John Boocock from Middleton Plus and find out more information on the project here