CIF Round Three – A Sense of Belonging: what makes Willington Distinctive, Willington Primary School

This project engaged the Willington community in finding out what has shaped Willington into the town it is today and in doing so, build on the community’s sense of pride and belonging.  The project involved:

  • setting out a framework that maps the town in its surrounding landscape and summarises its development in a regional and national context
  • introduces the maps and other sources that can be used to explore Willington’s past
  • use this exploration to capture what is distinctive about Willington and how it is valued
  • consult with the community regarding key areas of interest that they want to delve into as well as capturing a wealth of information such as oral history, stories and photographs before they are potentially lost forever


This project has culminated in the creation of an easy-to-use toolkit and accompanying films. Learn how to reveal the secrets hidden in your place and the landscape around you by using the links below.

How did people make places, and what makes places special to you? Jeremy Lake, with Willington Primary School and Lonely Tower Film and Media, has put together some films and documents to help you get started: