CIF Round One – mY Teesdale, YMCA Teesdale

The project focused on young people exploring the local landscape and heritage buildings with the young people learning about the area. They were taking photographs of these areas and then exploring different techniques to improve, edit and change their photographs using different computer programmes. The project looked to include heritage buildings such as the Bowes Museum and the Castle.  Through exploring the local landscape and heritage buildings, young people will develop a stronger connection to their area and provide an opportunity for them to explore photography as an art. At the end of the project, the young people displayed their work and learning in a community event at The Witham to bring the community together.  People attending the exhibition of work were invited to make donations for photos to take away with them thus having a positive impact on the particular young photographer’s self-esteem.

The young people viewed this as an interesting photography project with the advantage of learning about their environment and history as well as being physically active and improving their mental and emotional well being. They  also discussed issues around social media and posted some of their photos on social media, to emphasis positive images and messages