Counter Flow by Eva Mileusnic, ceramic installation

CIF Round One – Craft + Conflict, St Thomas’ PCC, Stanhope

This project formed part of the 2018 Highlights Contemporary Craft Tour and comprised a three day art exhibition, running from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 November along with a two day artist’s residency in school prior to the exhibition, workshops at the venue for whole school visits during the exhibition, and for one day over the weekend for members of the public. The Craft + Conlict Exhibition was curated by Dr Karen Babayan of Highlights, stewarded and supported by the PCC and Friends of St Thomas’ Church.

The craft tour was held in a number of venues throughout Northumberland, Cumbria and County Durham.  Additional financial support was needed to help stage the exhibition in small, rural venues thus ensuring the benefit and value of the exhibition reached a wider audience including children and young people.



  • From the series Foot and Mouth by Paul Scott, ceramic

  • Searching for the colour Khaki by Mark Gibbs, mixed media