CIF Round Three – The Ceilidh Project, Music at the Heart of Teesdale

This project involves 4 ‘seasonal’ ceilidhs through 2019/2020. These public events are being held in community venues across the Northern Heartlands area, bringing together diverse audiences to celebrate the social dance traditions of the region, as recorded by Music at the Heart of Teesdale in their oral histories research over the past 7 years. Nationally renowned ceilidh bands are performing and bringing high-quality arts programming to the region. The bands are researching tunes from Music at the Heart of Teesdale folk archive to incorporate local music into their own performances; as well as delivering a masterclass workshop  (for Cream Tees  and the wider community) with the view to create a local ceilidh band. Additional ‘half time’ entertainment at each ceilidh includes multi-media dramatization of Music at the Heart of Teesdale interview transcripts by Castle Players sharing local knowledge, memories and experiences of social dance with our audiences.