CIF Round Three – Show Cages, Tow Law and District Fanciers Society

The Society has served as a focal point for keepers and exhibitors of poultry and small animals in and around the area of Tow Law for more than 100 years. This vestige of pit culture has been preserved by the hard work of a dedicated team of volunteers and organisers. In the last decade, this has become a poultry show society, with the other small animals declining in popularity. The common interest in keeping animals to high standards of welfare brings together people of all ages from the local community. The oldest currently active exhibitor is 82 and the youngest is 7 years of age. The shows provide a series of social events, where we meet and discuss our shared interest, while evaluating the results of the art of breeding and husbandry skills. Parents involve their children and grandparents involve their grandchildren in an activity that requires them to show commitment over the whole year to the welfare of their poultry. By involving and encouraging young people, the Society hopes to preserve this rich and long-standing cultural heritage, while at the same time enriching the social lives of our its older members, through company and the respect that their experience brings.

The project’s aim was to replace the Society’s show cages, as they were in a state of serious disrepair, many being a least 20-30 years old. The show cages were not of a high enough standard for the Society to hold Poultry Club Of Great Britain approved regional or championship shows. Without this status, the Society would be unlikely to grow in the future.