CIF Round Three – Let Them Be Heard, Women’s Banner Group

The aim of this project was to help the Women’s Banner Group (WBG) achieve one of their key objectives for 2019: to begin an education programme that would emphasise the legacy of women in decision making and encourage pupils to express, debate and voice their opinions in a creative environment.

WBG devised and delivered workshops to year 5 and 6 pupils at St Joseph’s RCVA Primary School in Coundon, St Chad’s RCVA Primary School in Witton Park, Toft Hill Primary School and  Thornhill Primary School in Shildon. The workshops allowed young people to engage with artists and included information on influential women of our past and present including lesser known local activists, and gave pupils an opportunity to become decision makers and architects of a new society by becoming Ministers for Equality,Health, Social Services, Welfare, Housing and Education. The workshops culminated in the creation of a proggy mat that was added to a large scale artwork based on selected imagery identified in the workshops.  The school children also had the opportunity to visit Redhills, the Durham Miners Hall to experience the “Pitman’s Parliament” for themselves.

WBG hopes that by expanding young people’s knowledge of their past and how they can effect positive change both as individuals and working collectively that this will impact future decision making including voting in local and national elections.