CIF Round Three – Eggleston Show Folk Music Project, M@HOT

This project developed through a member of the community flash mob choir in the Durham tour of Beyond the End of the Road in 2018. A song was created especially for Eggleston Show by award winning singer-songwriter Katie Doherty and through story gathering workshops in Middleton in Teesdale and Barnard Castle, she explored themes of Teesdale life and history. Once the song was written, the young musicians from Cream Tees participated in a masterclass workshop with folk musician Dave Gray (one of Katie’s “Navigators”) to work on the musical arrangement. Meanwhile The Northern Heartland Singers (ages 8 -80) worked with Katie to develop and learn the song. A rehearsal was held in The Bowes Museum and the final performance took place at Eggleston Agricultural Show, where there were opportunities for local musicians to perform later in the evening using the stage, sound and lighting equipment.

Dragon’s Teeth and Waterfalls

Always my boy of wish returns
To those peat-stained deserted burns
That feed the Wear and Tyne and Tees
And turning states to strata, sees
How basalt, long oppressed, broke out
In wild revolt at Cauldron Snout

Dragon’s teeth and waterfalls
Sit with ye mother till the butter gets sold
The hardest days they take their toll

Ribbons of snow
Briars and bones
When the wind blows
Take me back home

And it’s rainin’ heal a watter
You wear these hills till they wear you
Shoes are worn till toes come through

Wild and tame
Changing and the same
Weather-beaten stone
Knuckles, knees and bones
Fickle Northern skies
Tease the man that tries
Addling for a living
So dance the night away
When the evening sun burns fierce
A view can trace a thousand years
Where branches reach to endless skies
And all before beneath them lies

Dragon’s teeth and waterfalls
Past Folly Top, I know I’m home
the hardest days, they take their toll
At Cotherstone Castle we were queens and kings
And these they are the longest days
But Johnny Foster’s Band still plays!