Past Projects

We endeavour to ensure that a project does not end but has a legacy that endures beyond our involvement. By working with communities and artists, we are working to embed activities so they connect and grow beyond our reach. That said, much of what we do has one or several events related to it and you can read more about these below.

#Peoplesopera Creative Workshops January and February 2019

Northern Heartlands Community Opera May 2020 at Locomotion Shildon


Highlights Contemporary Craft Tour


The third event in our "HeART of the Matter" speaker and discussion series

Trapped at Killhope Lead Mining Museum

Three days of TRAPPED performances down the mine at Killhope

Planning – a Participatory Art? – 25th April 2018

An inspiring day of discussion, performance, debate and networking.

Heart of the Matter

Speaker and Discussion event

The Town Meeting

In partnership with Startforth Neighbourhood Planning Group and theatre company, Cap-a-Pie