The work of Northern Heartlands is underpinned by a cultural landscape approach, recognising that places and landscapes are not static or fixed, but constantly changing, from season to season and year to year. They are lived and worked in, argued over, subject to changes that we create ourselves, and those over which we have no control. They are filled with human heritage and natural history, on timelines that stretch back into the deep past and forwards into the future. In other words, landscapes and places are processes, rather than things.

The Learning and Influence strand of our work is an arts-led investigation of landscape, heritage and place and explore how to collate our arts-based outputs into forms of evidence that are acceptable in formal processes. We actively encourage participants to view projects as a chance to research their own issues and influence decision-makers, while ensuring that there are real opportunities to do so and build people’s skills.

The various findings and reports are longer reads (around five to ten minutes).


Northern Heartlands' ongoing series of speaker and discussion events, examining issues relating to landscape, place, culture and policy.


Arguably the central feature of NH’s success has been the ability to establish close links with and secure the trust of local communities, using a wide and inclusive definition of ‘culture’. External Evaluator’s Report, 2020.


Final Evaluation Report


Reports and papers from commissioned artist-researchers

Northern Heartlands Annual Review 2019

Over 70 people joined us at TCRHUB . It was an opportunity to hear your thoughts and hear your