The voices of Northern Heartlands

Discover more about the developments, partnerships and events at Northern Heartlands by reading the blogposts below. We have a small, dedicated team who are working with communities, artists and organisations in many ways across a number of projects. Here you will find insights into these developments and discover more about the work we are engaged with.


  • 19/02/2018
Ewan Allinson explores Teesdale and the Gaunless Valley chapels and churches.

Jill Cole – my mission as director of Northern Heartlands

  • 09/02/2018
Jill Cole, Director of Northern Heartlands shares her views on the project and what it entails….

Northern Heartlands Scheme

  • 07/12/2017
We are passionate about our #GreatPlaceScheme here at Northern Heartlands and we are not alone.

Beamish Museum

  • 04/12/2017
What an amazing place Beamish Museum is!

Auckland Youth and Community centre

  • 04/12/2017
Our Community Co-Ordinators Anna and Tariq recently did a mapping exercise with the young people at Auckland Youth and Community Centre.