We are passionate about our #GreatPlaceScheme here at Northern Heartlands and we are not alone.

This is very evident from the many conversations, meetings, invitations and positive responses we’ve received over the first six month of this exciting project. Thank you for being so receptive and open to exploring the possibilities!

Back at the end of November, we hosted an event to share what the Northern Heartlands Scheme is all about and asked those attending where was important to them in this area. The results were a wonderful patchwork of places, geographical features, historical buildings, industrial heritage sites and so much more.

Here are a few photographs to give you a feel of what the map looked like, once people had added their thoughts…. and you can also see our Director Jill Cole and Community Facilitator Anna Collins having a good think about it in the last picture too!

Where would you include as important to you in the Northern Heartlands area? Answers on a postcard please….