Eleanor (bottom right) pictured with the other girls who played ‘Molly’

Beyond the End of the Road – Molly’s Blog

My name is Eleanor Tippey and I was selected to play the role of Molly in the show Beyond the End of the Road. I performed at Mickleton Village Hall and the Witham. It was no easy journey to becoming Molly and this is why…

I would of never of got to the audition if it wasn’t for my friend Mia. Her Mam emailed my Mam the audition form since it was late and it was only on the morning of the audition that I found out I was able to go.

There were 7 girls in total, each one bursting with talent. First we did a name game, afterwards we knew it was time to impress. We acted out a short piece of script then we sang a verse/chorus of our chosen song. We could do no more. The thought of it gave me butterflies and sweaty palms.

I was in a taekwondo (Marshall arts) lesson when my mam got the email she rapidly text me: u got molly😀

I did my happy dance in the middle of the lesson then people started staring but I couldn’t contain my joy.

The rehearsals were fun. Yet still it didn’t quite sink in. I was Molly!

Meeting the cast was one of the highlights of being a part of a spectacular show. They were all so kind and friendly but it wasn’t just the cast it was everyone involved in the show, they were so kind and generous.

Sitting through the show was fine at the beginning it was only at the interval when I had my mic on that a tidal wave of excitement, nerves and adrenalin crashed over me. This was it, I worked so hard for it and I was not going to let anyone down.

The show went really well. I felt happy and sad that the show was over, happy that I did my self-proud but sad that I won’t do it ever again.

Beyond the End of the Road has left a mark on me forever, I will grab every opportunity with both hands because, it was just 1 email that changed my life forever. To explain how much I loved it…I can’t put into words.